Event: on-farm Helmsman Auction of 3yr & 4yr Elk and Wapiti Terminal Sires

For us, despite the market conditions, this is our business “as usual”. Our point of difference is the consistency and constitution of our bulls. These young sires are bred initially for our own use, to provide the 1500+ venison weaners we finish each year. They have wintered for two years in their age group mobs – this year’s mob came through on swedes and silage, and then were drafted from the main group in mid-December after velveting. Once again we are also making available a line of sires from another system. We select our top growth rate stags from our 1500 finishing deer, using the weights from weaning until the start of the chill trade. We sort through these, use the top 20 ourselves as spikers and again at 2 years old, and now the best of these are available today in the sale. They have no recorded sire/dam information, but have the constitution, conformation and recorded growth, to breed you venison for the chill trade. 

• TB Status C10

• All sale bulls Paralisa tested Johnes Negative 17/12/2020

• The vendor is supplying transport with Downlands Deer Geraldine

Date: Wednesday 20th January 2021

Time: Lunch & viewing 12 pm, auction will start at 1 pm

Location: Edendale Deer Shed, Edendale Station 1573 Ashburton Gorge Rd, Mt Somers, Ashburton

For more details or questions contact Donald Whyte on 03 3039842 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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