Mt Possession Angus

Mt Possession Angus was established in 2015 with the purchase of 26 in calf cows and 8 yearling heifers from the herd dispersal of Bruce Alexander’s Goldwyn herd.

The herd has grown from there with the use of AI and ET. The emphasis is squarely on the female foundation to meet the aim of producing bulls that have the structure and constitution to last in a high country environment while producing progeny from the 900 head commercial cow herd that will provide daughters with the do-ability and fertility to perform in this environment and steers that will go on to finish at the top of market requirements. All non-replacement progeny are finished within the wider Whyte Farming group.

The stud cattle are run at Hakatere Station at 700m above sea level under commercial conditions, as a joint venture between Whyte Farming and Hussey Farming.

For further information/enquiries please contact Ryan Hussey 03 3039867 

Mt Possession Angus stock and their environment